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“O” is for optimism

“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.”— Noam Chomsky Never have these words been more true. If you have difficulty accessing your optimistic side, try this: remember a time when you did feel optimistic. Maybe it was right after something good had happened, you’d gotten.. Read More

“N” is for Nurture

A huge aspect of spirituality is learning how to nurture ourselves and others. It may sound so elementary as to be trite, but how often do we say, “It’s OK” when we mess up something at work, or “Nice try anyway,” when we realize we have an overdraft? Usually, we’re the first in line to berate ourselves as if beating everyone else to the punch will somehow lessen the blow… Read More

Mad* Woman (Middle Aged Diva) – Part 4

As she walked in nature, pondering her anger, Claudia felt foolish and self indulgent. “This is stupid,” she thought. “Anger is for out of control people and if anything, I’ve learned to control those childish impulses as I’ve aged.” But had she really? Or had she merely found ways to numb herself through keeping busy, or eating or gossiping or having a glass of wine every night. As she pondered.. Read More

Mad* Woman – Part 3 (* middle aged diva)

“I surrender,” said Claudia, when her aunt picked up the phone. Before her aunt could get a word in, Claudia continued, “Listen, you know that Women’s Retreat thing you’ve been trying to get me to go to for, like, years? Well, I think I’m ready to do it, and I wondered if you wouldn’t mind giving me all the information…again.” Claudia carefully wrote down the information, hung up and redialed.. Read More

“M” is for Mad Woman, Part 2

Claudia went to sleep, exhausted, and slept fitfully. Upon awakening, she was aware that she’d had some wild and unimaginable dreams, as always. Her dreams seemed to be taking on a life of their own. This particular morning, she actually remembered one that involved a long road and that the road had spoken to her. “How could this be?” she wondered in her awakened state. And yet, in the dream,.. Read More

“M” is for Mad Woman – Part 1

Diary of a Mad* Woman  ~ (*Middle Aged Diva) – Part 1 Claudia was a not so young suburban mom who feared her beauty was fading quickly. She’d worked so hard on her home, her kids, her career and her community, but she often felt she wasn’t good enough. She had spent many years taking care of others, watching Oprah regularly, taking yoga, being kind and generous and many people.. Read More

“L” is for Laughter

It’s been said that the shortest distance between two people is laughter. What’s better than softening your gaze and realizing the hilarity all around you. According to Abdul Laraji, a sound healer, laughter stimulates the adrenal glands, making you healthier. I notice that when I laugh really hard, it seems that — sorry, this is kind of gross — a gallon of gunk gets cleared from my throat and lungs.. Read More

“K” is for kindness

There’s a wonderful song written by composer David Friedman called, “We Can Be Kind”. In it, the song lists all the troubles we currently face and asks what can we do when we don’t know what to do?  His answer is that we can be kind and that we can take care of each other. Kindness goes a long way. Today, as I left after visiting my older sister in.. Read More

“J” is for judgment (not!)

With the holidays and family gatherings and stress upon us, I find it altogether too easy to retreat to a very old rut called judgment. Whether it’s judging myself — “I’m too old,” “I should be in better shape,” “My house is a mess, “– or others — “They’re crazy,” “Why don’t they just….(fill in the blank),” “It’s their own fault they’re ….(fill in the blank),” it gets pretty noisy.. Read More

“I” is for Intuition

What’s the difference between intuition and a nudge from God? Webster’s defines intuition as: “The ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.” It’s mysterious and forceful. It sounds and feels deeply spiritual to me, or is it just part of the way we’re wired? Why is intuition more freely attributed to women than to men? Anyone? Anyone?