In writing about spirituality, and my commitment to a year of living positively, I have some confusion. How does spirituality relate to positive thinking? I know it does, I’m just not clear. Recently, I attended a lecture by a Jesuit priest from Loyola University in which he defined spirituality as, “the lived experience of faith.” I see this as separate from religion, which can contain spirituality, but spirituality doesn’t necessarily contain religion. I think spirituality comes first. My first challenge to my commitment to positive thinking arrived at 2:00 a.m. this morning when my teenager arrived home, breaking curfew by an hour and a half. My initial responses were anger and fear and fear and anger. “How can I reframe this in a more positive way? ” I wondered. “OK, so she had a good time,” and “she’s home safely now,” I reminded myself. So, I sent her off to bed with her apology trailing in the air, saying we’d talk about it in the morning. I think I momentarily lost my faith because of my worry. So, does that mean faith disappears in the face of fear? Or is it an invitation to deepen ones faith? What do you think?