“Help, I need somebody.

Help, not just anybody.

Help, you know I need someone.


The Beatles

I love the spirituality of the Beatles song “Help!” I doubt Lennon and McCartney were thinking of God when they wrote “Help,” but you have to admit there’s a powerful message in those lyrics (and many other Beatles tunes as well.) Just consider the opening:

* “Help, I need somebody.” First of all, they’re admitting they even need help, which is HUGE! For many of us, admitting we are powerless over our problems, that our best thinking got us to where we currently are, and that it’s not working is a big honkin’ deal. What a terrific relief to be able to say “Help,” or to cry, “Uncle!” They’re saying they can’t do “it” alone. Webster’s Dictionary defines help as, “coming to ones aid.” They need somebody: a person, another human being to come to their aid.

* “Help, not just anybody.” Second of all, they ask for help again and not from just any old Joe who’s walking down the street. It can’t just be just anybody. It has to be someone in particular, someone or something who can actually help.

* “Help, you know I need someone.”  Third of all, they say “Help” again! Yikes. Things are pretty intense to be repeating the word again followed by a repetition of the need for a person or something other than themselves to supply aid.

* “Help.” Another cry. OK, this is really serious!

The lyrics go on to talk about when they were younger and didn’t need help and now that they’re older, they do. There’s something about aging that makes us both more vulnerable and oftentimes, less likely to ask for help. Is it stubbornness or vanity or shame or what?  I thought of this song today as I was trying to figure out some finances that just aren’t working and realized that the tune has been rattling around in my head for pretty much my whole life. I have a bad habit of trying to do everything myself (fewer people to blame, right?) and can get pretty far down the road before remembering that there are other people out there who would be happy to not only help but are quite possibly better at doing what it is I’m stuck on. So, I’m reminded that the song is an invitation to get out of my own way, out of my head and into my heart and when needed, just ask for some help…divine and human.

Which is easier for you – to receive or ask for help?