It’s been said that the shortest distance between two people is laughter. What’s better than softening your gaze and realizing the hilarity all around you. According to Abdul Laraji, a sound healer, laughter stimulates the adrenal glands, making you healthier. I notice that when I laugh really hard, it seems that — sorry, this is kind of gross — a gallon of gunk gets cleared from my throat and lungs and I feel lighter. When my kids were younger, we had a joke about a little kid returning his pet turtle to the pet store because it had developed blisters on its feet. “Blisters?”  the shop owner said with incredulity. He went to the back and returned with a new turtle. Upon handing it to him, the little boy said, “Thanks Mister, vrroom, vroom,” using the turtle as a race car. I guess you had to be there — but we repeated this joke so many times and acted it out with one person being the shop owner and the other the little boy, that even mentioning the word “turtle” would send us into laughter attacks. So….anyone heard a good joke lately?