OK – so that’s the title of an old animated film, but so what, it’s a good title. Because of my ongoing studies on spirituality through the Institute for Spiritual Leadership and desire to deepen my own understanding of the mystery of it all, I’m going to create a “Spirituality 101” exercise. For now, what that’s going to look like is this: I will go through the alphabet and offer a suggestion for each letter that can be used as a spiritual tool. Heaven only knows what I’ll do when I get to “X” and “Z.” I’ll worry about that later. Got it? Good. So here we go:

A – Acceptance. It’s been said that until we accept “what is,” we can’t possibly grow or even be totally present. Denial is alive and well in most of us. The other day I heard a great acronym for denial: “don’t even know I am lying.” Whew! Never mind that “know” begins with a “k” not an “n.” You get the the picture. I know that when I accept something as it is, not as I wish it were, I feel it in my body. It resonates in my chest and I feel grounded. I’d love to hear how others know when they’re in a state of “acceptance.”