“I” is for Intuition

What’s the difference between intuition and a nudge from God? Webster’s defines intuition as: “The ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.” It’s mysterious and forceful. It sounds and feels deeply spiritual to me, or is it just part of the way we’re wired? Why is intuition more freely attributed to women than to men? Anyone? Anyone?

“H” is for Help!

“Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody. Help, you know I need someone. Help!” The Beatles I love the spirituality of the Beatles song “Help!” I doubt Lennon and McCartney were thinking of God when they wrote “Help,” but you have to admit there’s a powerful message in those lyrics (and many other Beatles tunes as well.) Just consider the opening: * “Help, I need somebody.” First of all,.. Read More

“C” is for confusion

In writing about spirituality, and my commitment to a year of living positively, I have some confusion. How does spirituality relate to positive thinking? I know it does, I’m just not clear. Recently, I attended a lecture by a Jesuit priest from Loyola University in which he defined spirituality as, “the lived experience of faith.” I see this as separate from religion, which can contain spirituality, but spirituality doesn’t necessarily.. Read More

Spirited Away

OK – so that’s the title of an old animated film, but so what, it’s a good title. Because of my ongoing studies on spirituality through the Institute for Spiritual Leadership and desire to deepen my own understanding of the mystery of it all, I’m going to create a “Spirituality 101” exercise. For now, what that’s going to look like is this: I will go through the alphabet and offer.. Read More